Apr 20

Aalc, Inc.- Socketti.com – Hassle-Free Online Shopping with Wider Shipping Options

Are you living in a small town which is not even in the memory of the online store that you shop from? Do you wonder each time you see a great discount deal if you can buy it and have it delivered to your doorstep? These matters are not a worry of you alone but there are a lot many people living in remote areas of the world where the top famous online stores never deliver products bought from them. We understand your turmoil of losing a good discount deal every time andunfortunately such occasions come a lot many times throughout theyear.

Good News for International Shoppers

We have launched a highly efficient shipping company that can help people living in every corner of the world to shop from any store in the US and get the best of the seasonal deals. We have established Aalc, Inc. to work as your US authorized legal address where you can receive your packages you buy from online stores. The package will get to our company store and then we will forward it to you wherever is your home. From a Tibetan village to the plains of Somalia, every town and every city is present on the list of our company.

Our Services are Comprehensive

The moment we receive our customers’ packages, we inform them via email that we have their parcels. For making sure that we deal with every customer’s needs individually, we take the photographs of the shipped products. We send these images along with the email and get it confirmed by the customers that these packages are theirs. Sometimes our customers order for more than one thing and since all the products are from different brands and stores, we wait for the entire parcels to reach our office. We wait up to a month for all the packages and then we repack them and send them to you.

Aalc, Inc.- Socketti.com
We Care for the Safety of Your Goods

Shipping the parcels right to your doorstep is our responsibility but until this package reaches you, we need to ensure many things for its safety and security. As a responsible company that cares for your valuables, we deliver the packages with utmost care. Fragile objects like laptops, mobile phones, china ornate, wine cups and many other products that need highly efficient care are all handled with care until they reach your home town. You can receive them at your doorstep or let it stay in your local post office where you can go in person and receive them.

Are You Worried about Your Parcel while You are Away?

There are business trips and holiday tours that you cannot stop or delay because you are waiting for some parcels to be shipped to you. With Aalc, Inc. you do not need to worry about this. You just inform us that you are not home from so and so date and we will keep your parcel at our premises. When you come back home after the holidays, we will dispatch your parcel to your home.

These are awesome features of our company. Visit our website Socketti.com and find more details of our services. We will make your online shopping experience hassle-free and pleasing.