Jan 05

Street Crime Vs Corporate Crime

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When the community is moving towards progress, it is expected that the crimes will also increase and it can be therefore be concluded that progress means crime. Wherever a community exists, people should expect that crime is present because crime is inevitable as part of the sociological aspect of the community derived from the conflict between individuals. A human being must have to think in advance its defense against the criminals and always anticipate the occurrence of crime because crime will definitely come and find its own way to urface. These two categories of crimes we have discussed have both the potential of damaging the country in the great extent possible.

This dilemma has been present since the beginning of the history of human race because crime has been pre-planted into the human brain. If an individual cannot control the animal thing inside its fragile mind then there is a high probability that crime will occur. When crime occurs it will definitely leaves a damage of certain amount to lives or properties. Whether someone hates crime or not, a person must have to be accustomed to it and ensure yourself all the time to have enough shields and counter defenses when it strikes in surprise.

What is street crime? It is an offense that transpired in our streets or highways committed by a person inclined to violate the law and the few example of that is a simple pick pocketing, and to a much higher one, the highway robbery. Street crime is usually committed by a single individual or by a group. The amount of damage involve in this crime is usually of little value, however, there are lot of instances that the amount damage is also huge especially in the case of bank robbery which is also considered as street crime.

What is corporate crime? It is an offense in violation of the law usually perpetrated by corporation or its officers and employees. This crime is more complicated and the weight of this crime is really huge and the damage is certainly vast. Corporate crime is very well structured. Sometime a corporation or a juridical entity is usually used by those big time syndicates as front or shield in order to hide the true nature of their illegal transactions. Corporate crime is much dangerous since it has so many linkages. Gathering evidence that will prove corporate crime is really hard and it is very challenging because a case investigator must have to tie up or link its evidence gathered from one point to another. Otara Real Estate Agents